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TSXCUSB485C:multi-functional programmable cable



TSXCUSB485C is a multi-functional programmable cable which is provides serial connection and RS485 signal conversion through the USB interface, whose power from the USB port, no longer need power by the PLC’ s TER port. Therefore, this cable can communicate with PLC’ s TER or HIM or AUX port. TSXCUSB485C can be used for Schneider Modicon TSX series PLC or HMI to communicate with the computer. It can also be directly connected to the computer communicate with Premium, Micro, Nano, Naza, Twido and series of PLC, or connected to the computer to communicate with OTB, XBTN/R/S and TSXSCA62 after changing the different adapter cables.


TSXCUSB485C programmable cable is the upgraded product of TSXPCX3030.


The snap switch located on the TSXCUSB485C’s converter box is used to choose different operating modes. The cable rejects the way which the transceiving of the RS485 is controlled by the PLC, and all the data transceiving is automatically controlled. It can be used for multi-point and communication applications.

The TER port of Schneider TSX series PLC has a PMC (mode control) signal pin, which is used to determine its working mode. If the PMC is high level, TER port always works in Uni-Telway Master (master station) mode, should be used this mode for PLC programming. If the PMC is low level, the working mode of TER port is decided by the PLC. General way from the station mode.

Product configuration:

This product includes TSXCUSB485C adapter and TSXCRJMD25 adapter cable which can be directly connected to PLC. By choosing different adapter cables then can connected to the touch panel etc for communication. These cables are straight-through cables. Users can self-refer to the relevant wiring diagram.

Note: RJ45 socket 6-pin RS485 drive defined Schneider enabled control signal NDE (input). As TSXCUSB485C using automatic data flow control, there is no need to use the control signal it.

Select different adapter cables to connect different devices


Features and technical parameters:                                         

  • Supported operating system: Windows2000/XP/Vista/Win7
  • Fully compatible with USB V1.1 and USB  V2.0
  • USB bus-powered with current consumption of approx. 50mA and maximum output current of 500mA.
  • Baud rate: 300bps~1Mbps auto-adaptation
  • Power indicator and data in/out indicator
  • Applicable in Premium, Micro, Naza, Nano, Twido, OTB, XBTN/R/S and TSXSCA62.
  • Each set of product includes TSXCUSB485C adapter and TSXCRJMD25 cable.
  • Overall length: 2.5m. Color: black.
  • The adapter can be installed in DIN35mm standard rail.
  • Operating temperature: -40~+85℃



TSXCUSB485C need to install two drivers to use.

1. USB driver.

2. Schneider Uni-Telway driver or MODBUS driver.

These drivers are usually included in the programming software on CD-ROM. And for the specific installation steps, please refer to the installation files on the CD-ROM drivers , and details are not necessary listed here. 

Until March 2013, Schneider has not yet released to support 64-bit operating system drivers.

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